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Tackle your studying with Envision Pass ASWB Exam Study Planner that complements your studies. This dateless study planner is the perfect tool to give structure to your studying as you plan for your exam. We know that social workers are juggling careers, family, and daily life activities, so we designed our planner with that in mind.

The planner gives you space to:

• Plan your months and weeks; It is recommended that you take 3 months to prepare for your exam depending on your readiness. This planner gives you up to six months to prepare (Just in case, you decide to extend your exam date).
• Set goals and evaluate your progress.
• Track key topics mastered and topics that require further review
• Keep track of your to-do list as well as your daily activities.
• Check off important exam topics covered
• Write positive affirmations to keep you motivated
• Keep track of study materials used based on your learning style
• Track number of practice questions completed each week

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What’s included?
• 24 dedicated quick review pages of key information across the 4 content areas.
• Study strategies and test-taking tips.
• 11 lined note pages
• Positive affirmation quotes

• 7″ x 9″ dimensions
• 6 months weekly planner
• 234 pages (117 sheets)
• Sturdy, gold twin loop wire binding
• Durable cover, gold protective book corners, memo pocket, elastic band for closure
• Color-coded laminated tabs


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