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  1. “I cannot say enough about my extremely positive experience with your service. Not only were you flexible and calm but very thoughtful and thorough with material. Helping to build confidence around my knowledge of the material seemed impossible until I began my on line sessions with Taniesha. Who is amazing. Envision is extremely affordable and the on line groups are helpful as well. Thank you Envision Pass!!!!!”

  2. “Taniesha was so helpful in guiding me through test taking strategies, content review, and overall increase in confidence before my exam! Thanks to her insightful feedback on practice questions reviewed together- I was able to pass my LSW exam the first time taking it. I would highly recommend utilizing envision pass in order to solidify content comprehension and exam techniques!”

  3. “Envision Pass was of the utmost support and encouragement. The skills I learned enabled me to maintain motivation and confidence during the preparation process. Not only was the study time very beneficial, the fee for service was very reasonable. I highly recommend this study site. I’m forever grateful to Envision Pass.”

  4. “I am glad I found Envision Pass!! I would recommend this program to all Social Workers. I was able to absorb the key concepts and strategies to pass the test. As I took the test my brain broke down the questions and led me to the correct rationale. First time taking the test and I passed. The tutor is very detailed and take time to explain the question and answer choices.”

  5. “Envision pass helped me with preparing for the exam in every way. I was able to break down each question and find the links in the answers. Envision pass provided support and motivation for me to increase my confidence in taking the exam. Each time I took the exam I missed it by 1-2 points each time. With Envision pass on my side i made it over the finish line.”

  6. “Envision pass was amazing. My tutor broke everything down in a way I could understand, and she helped me to stop overthinking certain questions. I would definitely recommend Envision Pass.”

  7. “Very knowledgeable and smart tutor, knows when to jump in and correct a mistake. How to study, for my NJ LSW exam, how to pin point where the correct and incorrect points are in the questions. She also helped, with studying tips as well. Taneisha was very patient, she knew what she was talking about and really guided me in the right direction; especially when I was unsure of what to do.”

  8. “Envision indeed… I PASS! I stumble on Envision pass unintentionally, I would say it was not a mistake contacting Taniesha. My first phone conversation with her really reduced my anxiety level fro 10 to a 2; she was very real and sincere, I guess her sincerity made me stick out with Envision pass. During our sessions she was very practical and assisted me to see the inner me that can pass the exam, and I did after 3 attempts. I am thankful that she was there to support me and made me see through the questions and how to answer them correctly. Thank you Taniesha……..”


  10. “I passed on the first try! Thanks again Envision Pass for all of your help and support, I found my tutoring sessions very helpful!”

  11. “Taniesha was patient and gave great feedback that helped me prioritize areas to focus on. Thanks in part to her help, I passed my exam on my first try.”

  12. “Better Understanding of the Exam. I attended several LMSW seminars and Envision Pass has given me a clearer perspective on how to pass the exam.”

  13. “Patient and practical help. Taniesha listens very carefully. Taniesha is helping me understand behavior theories/lenses. Person-in-Environment and biopsychosocial lens. They are all tangled in my mind and she is keeping me from getting ‘strangled in my tangle.’”

  14. “I PASSED on the first try. I was getting tutoring assistance from Envision Pass, very nervous about the exam due to being bi-lingual. I became confident and used the tools and strategies received from Envision Pass to PASS the exam. Now I am a tutor with Envision Pass helping other Spanish speaking social workers to pass.”

  15. “I passed my LMSW exam!!!! Taniesha was soo beyond helpful in her tutoring session. She gave me helpful study tips and reduced my testing taking anxiety completely!!!!! Can’t say enough thank yous to her!!!!!”

  16. “I failed the ASWB clinical exam twice prior to contacting Envision Pass. I had the opportunity to work with Taniesha. I felt that she was knowledgeable, compassionate and service focused. Due to technical difficulties on her end, she provided a free session. She also put in extra time with me just prior to my exam. Although I’m not entirely sure what the difference maker was in passing this go-around, I do know that I did pass and Envision Pass (Taniesha) was a variable that wasn’t present prior to this most recent attempt. As far as stars go I don’t know about a solid 5/5, but I do know that Taniesha’s overall work warrants a 4/5. If I had the option I would call my overall experience a 4.5/5. It’s amazing to have that exam behind me… brought me to tears!”

  17. First off I would just like to say I am grateful and thankful for the dedication my envision past tutor expressed while working with me. She was available 24/7 to answer any questions I had. My tutor was very personable and invested in making sure I had the tools and tips I needed to pass. My one on one tutor from Envision Pass patiently worked with me on how to break down the question stems and provided tips and strategies to apply during the exam. These tips and strategies successfully helped me pass this exam along with the information and knowledge provided with the study package I purchased from Envision pass. I would highly recommend Envision pass for anyone studying for their clinical ASWB exam. I’m going to refer her all my coworkers and friends who are studying for their exam !!

  18. Envision Pass is the REAL DEAL. I had previously attempted the ASWB exam twice, utilized two mainstream study programs and in both instances i failed the exam. I was starting to lose hope until i came across Envision Pass. Taniesha went above and beyond as a coach at helping me prep for the third (and final) attempt at the exam. I PASSED and i strongly believe that it was because of Envision Pass. Coaches are attentive, caring, and professional. The program helps associates learn effective test taking strategies and includes relevant information for the exam. Taniesha was extremely flexible with our consulting schedule , provided ongoing support, and genuinely cared about the overall results. If you are looking to advance in your career and pass the Clinical Licensing Exam, this is the best program out there!!!

  19. Taneisha,
    This morning as I jogged and inhale the crisp fall air I reflected on God’s grace and mercy for seeing me worthy to help me to come across your service. Last night’s Tutoring session was EPIC…
    I APPRECIATE how you were so throughout, you teach the information with such confidence, (modeling to me, I too gained confidence as well) having patience in answering my questions to ensure that I understand the material/ strategies and to grasp the information. What an AMAZING BLESS, this is rare to find in the Test Prep industry. From, the online graphic to the study material environment and to the tutoring session, they are all inspirational. I left feeling, that through Envision Pass services I WILL be prepared, I WILL CHANGE old study habits and gain healthy critical thinking skills that will also help beyond studying for the exam.
    I INHALE and EXHALE I am so GRATEFUL to be UNDER your LEADERSHIP for you to help and SUPPORT me to achieve my professional development of passing my LCSW exam. I AM TRUSTING GOD STRENGTH AND PROMISES FOR MY LIFE IN THE NAME OF JESUS. His word shall not come back void in the name of Jesus. As Bob Marley would say, One love. bless-up have a great day and weekend. I pray that EVERYTHING you invest in us that God will send your “destiny divine helper” to pour back in you and your business in the name of Jesus.

  20. Like so many of the other testimonials above, I have nothing but positives to say about Taneisha and her Envision Pass services. This program is not only quite affordable, professionally designed and visually appealing, but it simply WORKS! If passing the exam is your goal then you have discovered the place and people to help you to make that dream come true! Envision Pass = reaching your goal!

    I was referred to Envision Pass after 2 unsuccessful attempts to pass the LCSW after using 3-4 other test preparation and study programs. I don’t blame the other programs for my failure but they seemed to lack the key ingredients that would get me to cross the finish line and pass my exam. Taneisha’s program is well thought out and uses a nice blend of learning methodology that allows the student to retain the necessary information to pass. Along with this methodology, you get Taneisha, who is a great mentor and advocate for your success. She is truly a remarkable teacher, confidant and will keep your spirits up as your faith in passing waivers.

    At the end of the day, everyone has their journey through trying to pass the ASWB exam and I have gone through mine. I know without a doubt that my journey to becoming a LCSW would not have been complete without Taneisha and her program, as my guide.

    Please do yourself or your love ones a favor and pass for this program! Envision Pass will not only promise that you will “envision to pass”…they will help you to pass! Take care and best wishes to those that have come behind me. Kindest regards, Kim Tran

  21. Envision Pass was a blessing! The one on one tutoring was the key 🔑 to my success on the ASWB clinical exam. Taniesha is a mentor and a guide and she sticks with you until the very end and beyond. If you want the support and tips required to get a “PASS” sign up with her. She provides a plethora of services including but not limited consultation, counseling, one on one and group sessions to fit your individual needs and learning style. Trust me you won’t regret using her program you will either boost your score drastically or get your pass. She’s truly a leader in her industry! 👍 get ready to Envision your Pass 🙂

  22. I passed my LMSW Exam five days ago and I am very grateful to Envision Pass. I had an individual session with Taniesha, founder, and Tutor of Envision Pass in November 2019. She also provided free over the phone ongoing coaching which was very helpful. I also attended two seminars hosted by Envision Pass in January and February. I was confident to take the exam after the tutoring session and coaching. I remain very grateful to Envision Pass. Thanks so much!!!.

  23. Thanks to Envision pass for the great materials and awesome tutor Tanesha. Throughout my exam journey, I found many helpful study websites that were very expensive. After watching a few youtube videos on how to pass the ASWB exam, I stumbled across envision pass. While, browsing the website, seeing the blogs, videos and free study materials all at affordable prices, I felt destined to pass. I started tutoring back in November 2019 with Tanesha, tested in January of 2020 missed test by 1 point (after failing previously by 12 points), had another tutoring session to improve shortcomings even joined the MOST questions group, within 30 days I retested and passed. I owe a large amount of gratitude to Envision Pass. THANKS!

  24. I had taken the LMSW exam 3 times, the last 2 times I missed passing by 5 questions. I was lost, confused, didn’t know what I was doing wrong or what I should change. I was referred to Envision Pass by a fellow social worker and I’m so grateful for that. Taniesha helped me break down questions, helped point out things i was missing, advises & encouraged me through my 5 sessions. I honestly don’t know if I would have passed without her. Thank you for helping me succeed! I will be seeing you again come my LCSW! Anything is possible with the right help and guidance. ❤️

  25. Thanks to EnvisionPass, I recently aced my ASWB masters examination! Throughout my study sessions, Taniesha, the founder of EnvisionPass, provided extensive coaching and encouragement. Periodically, I would revert back to over-analyzing questions or doubting my abilities, and Taniesha would positively reinforce my confidence and test-taking strategies.

    Taniesha is immensely empathetic, patient, tenacious, and informative. During difficult periods of my study sessions, she exhibited a positive disposition and galvanizing statements. Consequently, I felt academically supported and acknowledged. Furthermore, Taniesha guided me through the ASWB content area, and we worked collaboratively to establish an effective study plan. If I had any questions about the content area, Taniesha would effectively deconstruct the material into understandable components! I would continuously ask her questions, and taniesha would always respond in a patient, collected manner. I am truly blessed to have her as a mentor and teacher, and I definitely recommend her services for ASWB licensure preparation.

  26. I endeavored the LCSW exam numerous times and yield FAIL after utilizing multiple test prep materials. I sent thousands of dollars that could be used to put on the down payment of a house. So, I was in pursuit of finding a program to help me ACHIEVE my goal of passing the ASWB exam. In my mind, I believed there was a program out there to meet my needs. Successfully (So GRATEFUL) , I encountered Envision Pass on YouTube, that “BIG PIECE” to my puzzle.

    I had the motivation and determination to PASS my LCSW exam. In preparation for the exam, Envision worked diligently (BELIEVE I WILL) with me and provided me with RELEVANT (proven) test-taking strategies (tutoring, workshops, videos, and coaching). My capacity was loaded!!

    Most of ALL, on the day of my exam, I went in with CONFIDENCE and utilized the STRATEGIES to select the CORRECT answers to the questions. While taking the exam I could hear Envision (Taneisha) INSPIRATIONAL theme quote, “Envision Passing Your Exam…..”

    On my 12th attempt (over a period of 7 years), I SUCCESSFULLY obtained my LCSW. Just like having the right client-therapeutic relationship, this Alliance with ENVISION was the “Right Fit” that helped me to SUCCESSFULLY ACHIEVE my professional development goal. YOU TOO WILL PASS WHEN YOU ENVISION PASSING YOUR EXAM.

  27. Like so many others on this page, I am so grateful to have found Envision Pass on YouTube and especially becoming connected with my tutor Taniesha. (She was straight-up amazing. Completely met me where I was at and had such a down to earth way about her.) I had failed the clinical exam for the second time and was looking for answers, but really more comradery and hope as I was licking my wounds. As a Marine Corp Veteran, defeat is not easy to come by or accept, but here I was feeling defeated and failure for the second time. What made it even worse for me is, I missed passing both times by three questions. From the minute I messaged that blue chat box the response was instant and I got a call that same day. I spoke with Taniesha and I knew this would beneficial.

    I received a wavier for the exam and was able to reschedule again. The next thing I did, was schedule an appt with Envision Pass. From the moment I got online with Taniesha she was able to point out some flaws in my rational, my break down and my assuming ways. Taniesha helped me realize I was inputting words in to the question stem also. I did two sessions in two different categories of the exam and I truly feel that the information provided in those sessions, were final puzzle pieces to passing the exam.

    Thank you Envision Pass (Taniesha) for the help, the reasonable pricing and for being available when I needed. I am forever grateful.

  28. I am truly greatful for envision pass!! From there flexible hours and rapid responses. Always lending not only guidance with knowledge for your exam but encouragement for taking the exam. Envision pass provided so many resources for studying, and the practice questions where tailored to my needs. Whenever I wanted to review or wasn’t sure if I could get a power point for that particular subject! Their prices were the one of the fairest prices I’ve seen , it’s so worth it! The team was so professional and always there to help in any way they can. This program for exactly what it said it would do because I passed my LGSW exam on my first try overcoming anxiety, doubt, and fear along the way! I’m so thankful for EnvisionPass for helping to see me through, even through a global pandemic!

  29. I want to thank you for what you are doing to help people pass the LCSW exam! I passed on my 5th attempt with the feedback from sessions and slowing down I was able to process the questions better and pay attention to what the question asked. I would highly recommend studying with Envision Pass the tutors are very kind hearted, flexible and they really work with you to make sure you get the content. The videos are also helpful as well. Envision Pass was so supportive to me Thank you so Much Taneisha and Abraham!!!

  30. Thank you so much Taneisha and Abraham! I had so much trouble breaking down the questions and they help me narrow down the answers and select the correct one. Also, my biggest problem was my confidence. I beat myself up so bad after I failed the first time but they help me boost my confidence. I really love how they move at your pace as well! Thank you once again. Good luck everyone!

  31. I really enjoyed the Envision Pass book. It is an excellently organized book. I like that the book is separated into the four content areas of the exam categories. The back of the book with the rationales is written in a way that makes it very easy to understand. It is very detailed!! Also, I appreciate that the book is affordable! Purchase this book for more practice breaking down questions and read the rationales.

  32. Taniesha was amazing and so patient with me. I did not pass my exam the first time because I didn’t understand how to read the questions. Taniesha helped me look at the questions different and how to use critical thinking to answer the questions correctly. Because of her she helped me pass my exam the second time around!! I’am now an LCSW!!! Thank you!!!

  33. Envision pass it lifesaving! I didn’t pass the test the first time and was bummed. Taneisha was able to help diagnose areas I struggle with which is mostly reading the questions, critically thinking and how to answer the question which what is present! As well as ways to improve my test taking skills! And I PASSED! It feels so good! I would recommend all to use this before taking the exam!

  34. I passed my exam!!!!!! Now, this was my second go around and I definitely needed more support… I was so fortunate to find Taneisha ! She was so helpful and most importantly she helped me gain confidence in myself, improve my critical thinking skills and most importantly reminded me to stay calm and relaxed! I feel on top of the world..I would recommend all to use this before taking your exam. I’m officially an LCSW:) woohoo. Thank you again for all your support. You Rock, Taneisha.

  35. I would like to say that this program definitely helped me to pass. I took the test 6 times before using Envision Pass. I was at the point of giving up and then I tried Envision Pass. I can truly say I’m glad I did. With much direction, patience along with the flexibility of my schedule, I was able to go and pass the test with confidence. Mrs. Delph helped me break down the question along with understanding the content. This program is awesome and I recommend using it, if you are having trouble with passing.

  36. I PASSED the LMSW exam!!! Thank you Envision Pass! Taniesha helped me to build
    my confidence and taught me exactly how to read the questions in order to choose the right answer. I honestly do not know if I would have passed if it weren’t for her support and guidance. Thank you Taniesha! Envision Pass works and I can say with no doubt that when it comes times to prepare for my LCSW I will look to Taniesha to guide me. I am so grateful for Envision Pass!

  37. So, I passed my clinical exam yesterday 😊 I credit Ms. Taniesha for my success. I failed my exam twice in 2021. I reached out to Taniesha approximately three weeks before my new test date. She drilled me on strategies on how to break down questions and understanding how to select the BEST answer. Her material was on point , through and informative. Will definitely refer Envision Pass to my colleagues!!! You rock !!!

  38. Taniesha is great. She challenges your reasoning ability and provides the support and encouragement that you need to be successful on the exam. She provides you with great reasoning strategies that you need to be successful on the exam. The exam requires critical thinking skills that you must possess to pass the test. Taniesha helps me to pass my clinical exam on the first try after two sessions.

  39. I can’t thank envision pass enough!! Taniesha was great and so insightful. Without her help I don’t think I would have passed. This was my second time taking it and I was so nervous and anxious. She made me feel so at ease. She helped my regain my critical thinking with test taking and refresh my memory on my skills and knowledge.

  40. Tanisha is an amazing tutor! I passed my LISW exam utilizing her study techniques, and words of encouragement! She helped me pinpoint areas of opportunities and strengths when breaking down practice questions. I’m so happy I utilize Envision Pass services! Thank you so much!

  41. Tanisha has helped me succeed AGAIN with my LCSW! I have passed on the first try thanks to her guidance and support. I highly recommend her to anyone. Even more so to those who may struggle with test anxiety or struggle to break down questions. Couldn’t have done this without her!

  42. Taniesha has been such a help in me passing my LCSW and I honestly couldn’t have done it without her support, guidance and patience. She helped me finally tap into my critical thinking skills and alleviate my anxiety which ultimately was the key to passing…highly recommend!!!!!

  43. I had failed my masters exam by 4 points so I immediately turned to Envision Pass for tutoring sessions and I am so glad that I was able to have such an amazing tutoring experience by Taniesha!! I then PASSED my exam with the help from Taniesha by guiding and supporting me throughout this whole process! She helped me gain those critical thinking skills by really understanding the question and was always very positive and patient with me even when I would sometimes overthink. I really can’t thank Envision Pass and Taniesha enough!! Will definitely use Envision Pass again when taking any other exams in the future!! Highly recommend!!!

  44. I took my LMSW exam for the first time July 28th and failed by 4 points and was devastated and had spent so much time and money thus far using various programs (mistake). Listen when people say stick to limited study materials, though some were helpful. I then decided to use a tutor this time, I thought about getting one the first time too but everything was extremely expensive and didn’t happen to find ENVISION PASS before. After the first session I was excited to have someone guide me in the right direction. Every session wasn’t filled with getting questions right but it was filled with guidance and break down that strengthened my recall, reasoning and application skills. Taneisha constantly challenged me when I got something wrong and pushed me to think deeper and when I went to take my exam again October 1st, I passed using what she taught me. Thank you for helping me!

  45. Envision pass boosted my confidence and allowed me to know myself better professionally and personally. By the first time, I started to study with Tanisha I knew that I will be able to pass the exam. She was always available, very optimistic, and the best “she was believing in me when I hesite of myself”. I just followed each of her study strategies suggested while she was reminding me about the importance to overcome my fears and enjoy each day while the day of the exam.  I passed 🙂 Thank you Taniesha!. 

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