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Envision Pass answers some Frequently Asked Questions.

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Does your site offer webinar sessions?
Yes, we offer paid webinars that reviews the step by step licensing process and the exam content and strategies. You can sign up for notifications of upcoming webinars.
Am I guaranteed to pass?
There are no guarantees; however, if you don’t pass, you will receive a 20% discount on your next individual or group sessions.
Does this tutoring service cover materials for every state?
Yes, our program focuses on the ASWB exam content which is used in every state.
How much do the tutoring sessions cost?
Please visit our pricing page for our current prices.
Why should I sign up for the group sessions?
Many customers benefit from group sessions. The purpose of a group tutoring session is to review and discuss ASWB content areas, as well as provide the knowledge by sharing concepts based on readings, discussions, practice tests, etc.
Where are the tutoring sessions held?
Envision Pass tutors conduct sessions using a webinar room that includes audio and video which allows greater interactions with our customers in real time.
How can I schedule a session with a tutor?
You can schedule an appointment with a tutor. To find a tutor and set up an appointment (at least 24 hours in advance), visit our pricing page, select a session (group/individual). You are required to complete the online assessment so your tutor can customize the session based on your needs.
How can I contact my tutor?
After you sign-up for a session, your tutor will contact you and provide you with their personal number. You may also reach your tutor at 800-884-2631.
Do I receive any additional support?
Our tutors are with you every step of the way until you pass. We provide free ongoing coaching and you will also receive a 45-minute FREE session the week before or of the exam. Your tutor will make time to answer any questions (email/phone) you may have regarding the exam outside of tutoring sessions.
What if I no longer need a tutor?
Please contact Envision Pass at 800-884-2631 or email your tutor at to be removed from the session.