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My Journey Towards Licensing

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My studious journey towards licensure has not been without its challenges. There are days when I feel immensely confident about the material and passing, and other days that I feel a bit apprehensive and consumed by my study sessions. However, my journey has taught me that a social worker won’t ever be 100% prepared for this test. The actual ASWB exam is inordinately broad, and you don’t really know which topics will appear on the exam for sure. This particular insight can be calming or terrifying! Interestingly, it has mitigated my distress and irrational fears about the exam.

Moreover, I have learned that I am not the only individual who is grappling with ambivalent feelings about this exam. There are thousands of social workers who feel the exact same way and pass! Throughout my journey, I have found exceptional social workers who have uplifted and galvanized me. They have helped me realize that the licensure process is a great feat in my social work journey, but it’s not the defining factor of my clinical abilities or career.

Throughout my journey, I have utilized an eclectic approach to studying. I have focused my attention on a few study materials, including Envision Pass, YouTube videos, and my graduate school notes/papers. In addition, I have thoroughly reviewed the NASW Code of Ethics and free practice tests online, which actually exist if you look hard enough! There are a lot of study guides and materials online for this exam, which can be overwhelming. I highly recommend choosing just one program or study book in order to avoid information overload! I wish everyone the best of luck studying for their exam. You’ll pass if you can envision yourself with your license!

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