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Welcome to Envision Pass

Many new graduates and experienced Post-Master’s social workers find it difficult to pass the ASWB licensing exam. Some people take the test multiple times and don’t pass. This is an expensive and very disheartening experience; often making social workers feel anxious and discouraged.

Envision Pass tutors work with social workers one-on-one and in groups to get them ready for the ASWB licensing exam. We offer an affordable online tutoring service dedicated to assisting social workers who are taking the exam for the first time or struggling to pass. Our services are structured to fit each customer’s individual needs and we work with you until you have passed your exam.

Meet Our Team

Envision Pass tutors possess a profound interest in assisting their fellow social workers in achieving success. They adapt their tutoring style to fit customers’ learning needs and learning styles.

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Services We Offer

Our tutoring services can be used by any social worker studying for their ASWB licensing exam. Whether it’s your first time taking the exam or if you are re-taking it, we work with you and for you. We will be with you every step of the way.

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Visualize Your Future with Your License

Envision Pass is an affordable online tutoring service that assists social workers to build their confidence to pass the ASWB licensing exam. We believe in you and we are with you every step of the way until you pass.

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Reading and practice tests are vital study materials but sometimes, you may want to take a break from them without taking a break from studying. This is where our podcast can help. Our podcast covers a broad range of material and topics, all of which can be useful for taking the exam and for social work practice.

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  • "First off I would just like to say I am grateful and thankful for the dedication my envision past tutor expressed while working with me. She was available 24/7 to answer any questions I had. My tutor was very personable and invested in making sure I had the tools and tips I needed to pass. My one on one tutor from Envision Pass patiently worked with me on how to break down the question stems and provided tips and strategies to apply during the exam. These tips and strategies successfully helped me pass this exam along with the information and knowledge provided with the study package I purchased from Envision pass. I would highly recommend Envision pass for anyone studying for their clinical ASWB exam. I’m going to refer her all my coworkers and friends who are studying for their exam !!"

    Tiawny Barnes

  • ""I failed the ASWB clinical exam twice prior to contacting Envision Pass. I had the opportunity to work with Taniesha. I felt that she was knowledgeable, compassionate and service focused. Due to technical difficulties on her end, she provided a free session. She also put in extra time with me just prior to my exam. Although I'm not entirely sure what the difference maker was in passing this go-around, I do know that I did pass and Envision Pass (Taniesha) was a variable that wasn't present prior to this most recent attempt. As far as stars go I don't know about a solid 5/5, but I do know that Taniesha's overall work warrants a 4/5. If I had the option I would call my overall experience a 4.5/5. It's amazing to have that exam behind me... brought me to tears!""

    - Jason, Utah

  • ""I passed my LMSW exam!!!! Taniesha was soo beyond helpful in her tutoring session. She gave me helpful study tips and reduced my testing taking anxiety completely!!!!! Can't say enough thank yous to her!!!!!""

    - Brianna F., New York

  • "“I PASSED on the first try. I was getting tutoring assistance from Envision Pass, very nervous about the exam due to being bi-lingual. I became confident and used the tools and strategies received from Envision Pass to PASS the exam. Now I am a tutor with Envision Pass helping other Spanish speaking social workers to pass.”"

    – Natalia, Phoenix, Arizona

  • "“Patient and practical help. Taniesha listens very carefully. Taniesha is helping me understand behavior theories/lenses. Person-in-Environment and biopsychosocial lens. They are all tangled in my mind and she is keeping me from getting 'strangled in my tangle.'”"

    – Victoria I., Brooklyn, New York

  • "“Better Understanding of the Exam. I attended several LMSW seminars and Envision Pass has given me a clearer perspective on how to pass the exam.”"

    – Donovan, New York, New York

  • "“Taniesha was patient and gave great feedback that helped me prioritize areas to focus on. Thanks in part to her help, I passed my exam on my first try.”"

    – Allison R, Seattle, WA

  • "“I passed on the first try! Thanks again Envision Pass for all of your help and support, I found my tutoring sessions very helpful!”"

    – Sarah T, Seattle, WA



  • "“Envision indeed... I PASS! I stumble on Envision pass unintentionally, I would say it was not a mistake contacting Taniesha. My first phone conversation with her really reduced my anxiety level fro 10 to a 2; she was very real and sincere, I guess her sincerity made me stick out with Envision pass. During our sessions she was very practical and assisted me to see the inner me that can pass the exam, and I did after 3 attempts. I am thankful that she was there to support me and made me see through the questions and how to answer them correctly. Thank you Taniesha........”"

    – Omolola Adekoya, Baltimore, MD

  • "“Very knowledgeable and smart tutor, knows when to jump in and correct a mistake. How to study, for my NJ LSW exam, how to pin point where the correct and incorrect points are in the questions. She also helped, with studying tips as well. Taneisha was very patient, she knew what she was talking about and really guided me in the right direction; especially when I was unsure of what to do.”"

    – Alberto Deleon

  • "“Envision pass was amazing. My tutor broke everything down in a way I could understand, and she helped me to stop overthinking certain questions. I would definitely recommend Envision Pass.”"

    – A Johnson, GA

  • "“Envision pass helped me with preparing for the exam in every way. I was able to break down each question and find the links in the answers. Envision pass provided support and motivation for me to increase my confidence in taking the exam. Each time I took the exam I missed it by 1-2 points each time. With Envision pass on my side i made it over the finish line.”"

    – Valisya Coleman, Jonesboro, Ar

  • "“I am glad I found Envision Pass!! I would recommend this program to all Social Workers. I was able to absorb the key concepts and strategies to pass the test. As I took the test my brain broke down the questions and led me to the correct rationale. First time taking the test and I passed. The tutor is very detailed and take time to explain the question and answer choices.”"

    – Kimberly Parker, VA

  • "“Envision Pass was of the utmost support and encouragement. The skills I learned enabled me to maintain motivation and confidence during the preparation process. Not only was the study time very beneficial, the fee for service was very reasonable. I highly recommend this study site. I’m forever grateful to Envision Pass.”"

    – Janice Parks

  • "“Taniesha was so helpful in guiding me through test taking strategies, content review, and overall increase in confidence before my exam! Thanks to her insightful feedback on practice questions reviewed together- I was able to pass my LSW exam the first time taking it. I would highly recommend utilizing envision pass in order to solidify content comprehension and exam techniques!”"

    – Francesca Wehr, Hoboken, New Jersey

  • "“I cannot say enough about my extremely positive experience with your service. Not only were you flexible and calm but very thoughtful and thorough with material. Helping to build confidence around my knowledge of the material seemed impossible until I began my on line sessions with Taniesha. Who is amazing. Envision is extremely affordable and the on line groups are helpful as well. Thank you Envision Pass!!!!!”"

    – Mary Darling, New York, New York

  • "“I failed the exam several times and felt like giving up, until I found Envision Pass. The tutor was very patient with me and helped me to identify why I was failing which built my confidence to pass the exam.”"

    – Amala, Brooklyn, New York

  • "“I love the customized meditation audio received during my first individual session. It helped me to reduce my test taking anxiety allowing me to pass on the first try. I would recommend anyone to Envision Pass.”"

    – L. Blake, Bronx, New York

  • "“I found the tutor to be very helpful and made me understand the material better.”"

    – Dwight, Bronx, New York

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