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  • Tackling the Social Work Exam Masters Test Book Cover

Tackling the Social Work Licensing Exam Practice Test Guide includes 200 practice questions and an explanation of the answers. This guide covers effective test-taking strategies, the basic need to know before, during, and after the exam, and highlights ten (10) reasons why social workers may fail the exam. Customers who purchase this guide receives FREE access to 200 practice test online or you can purchase the exam without the book for the same price $35.00 with one free tutoring session. Please contact a tutor for more information.

Our online exam preparation covers area only for the Masters level Exam. With our online test program you will have access to 10 Free practice questions and 200 practice questions, video lessons for a deeper understanding of the content and questions, obtain knowledge from quick reference sheets and strategies guide and FREE over the phone coaching, You can study on the go, anywhere and anytime that’s most convenient for you. Your performance is recorded each time you take the test and you will see different reports such as test analysis, the time taken on each exam, how many questions you answered correctly and how many you got wrong for each content area.


Key Features:

  • Real exam style full mock exam with a timed interface; question pallet displayed showing the status of each question marked, answered, not answered questions, and questions not yet visited.
  • Questions cover the ASWB content areas
  • Detailed explanations of each question
  • Uncertain about a question? Bookmark it and review later
  • Track your progress; identify strengths as well as weak areas of performance.
  • Latest news and updates to get you better prepared for the exam
  • Download Quick Reference study materials
  • Review videos based on test-taking strategies.
  • Send and receive emails to one of Envision Pass tutors for additional support and coaching.
  • Live online chat with a tutor.

Our online and mobile application is an educational tool for self-study and exam preparation. It is not affiliated with the Association of Social Work Board or any other exam organization.

*Online practice test for the Bachelors and Clinical Level exam COMING SOON!